The Reliance Pharmaceutical Grade (PG) Washers have recently undergone a significant redesign allowing for even greater performance and flexibility. The PG Washers are designed to be efficient, reliable and compliant to the most stringent industry guidelines, such as GAMP 5, BPE 2016 and FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11. They incorporate several features such as connectivity, water-saving systems, and sanitary construction to help satisfy the most challenging drug production applications.

Our newest enhancements include:

  • Now fitted with a small access door, conveniently located on the bottom front service panel, allowing for safe and easy water sampling.
  • Control panel is split in two, high and low voltage-independent enclosures to ease maintenance activities.
  • Now available with the latest Allen-Bradley® and Siemens PLC/HMI, along with a new printer enclosure to protect against moisture and dust.

Manufactured at the STERIS’ Quebec City (Canada) manufacturing site, STERIS offers a wide range of high-quality glassware washers and glassware dryers for effective process cleaning. This includes automated washers to clean lab glassware in research-intensive settings as well as glassware washers and dryers to clean critical components used in biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Watch our video below to learn more or request a quote today.

STERIS 280PG Pharmaceutical Grade Washer