Location: Webinar

Join our team for our next free webinar on electronic data security for our Finn-Aqua® GMP equipment to help attendees ensure their data is secure. As our industry moves more towards being digital, there is an increasing importance concerning data security and complying with 21 CFR Part 11 / EU Annex 11. 

Join us to learn all the possibilities to ensure compliant security regarding data, electronic documentation and signatures on our Finn-Aqua® GMP Equipment, including: STERIS VHP® LTS-V Low Temperature Sterilizer,  Finn-Aqua® Bio Pharma Series (BPS) GMP Steam Sterilizer,  STERIS VHP® DC-A Decontamination Chamber Atmospheric, Finn-Aqua® T/TF-Series Multiple Effect Water Still and Finn-Aqua® T/TF-Series Pure Steam Generator. 

Who Should Attend? Anyone who is interested in electronic data security, such as, Validation Managers & Engineers, Production Supervisors, and IT persons working on production equipment. 

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