Location: Webinar

Our upcoming free webinar will help attendees to take a closer look at equipment cleaning concerns for design, startup and commissioning of pharmaceutical facilities. By understanding cleaning agent selection, physical properties of chemicals, storage and handling requirements, dispensing requirements and material compatibility, costly delays can be avoided. 

Our experts will also showcase our capabilities to provide technical support on process cleaning through laboratory testing -- allowing valuable support to enable engineering and commissioning firms to focus on their strengths and providing the highest value to their Customers. 

Key Topics Covered:

  • Start-up and commissioning concerns for cleaning production equipment 
  • Leveraging supplier’s information on cleaning cycle design and laboratory testing
  • Sustainable cleaning approach
  • Monitoring critical cleaning parameters and ensuring cleanliness

Who Should Attend? Engineering Firms, Reliability Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, Process Engineers, Technical Operations, Project Managers, Quality Personnel, Operations Managers and Contractors 

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