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Our team of experts are gearing up and excited to virtually attend ESTECH 2020! This virtual event brings together contamination control/cleanrooms, environmental test and reliability and nanotechnology facilities with a variety of seminars, training classes, working sessions and networking events! Our experts will be leading some of the Contamination Control Conference Sessions! 

Hear from STERIS throughout the conference:

Conference Sessions | Contamination Control/Nano Environmental Test (DTE/PR)
Monday, October 5, 2020

9:30 - 11:10 am | Contamination Control in Cleanrooms

This session will cover how contamination in cleanrooms can affect control and product sterility in cleanroom operations.  Common sources of cleanroom contamination can come from raw materials, poor gowning practices, operator behavior, aging facilities, and items brought into the cleanroom.  This session will cover case studies in contamination control in pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device cleanrooms.  Risk assessments and CAPA investigations will be covered that relate directly to improving contamination control programs.  Procedures will be covered to proactively prevent future product sterility failures and large-scale contamination events.  

  • Contamination Control Strategies: Facts and Sciences to Consider - Presented by: Jim Polarine
  • Particulate Matter in Medicinal Products 
  • Contamination Risk Factors for Sterile Cleanroom Apparel 
  • Disinfectant Residues and their Implication to End Users 

3:35 - 5:15 pm | Contamination Control in the Cannabis Market

The idea of contamination control in the cannabis market may seem unimportant since when cannabis is grown properly with organic fertilizers, no pesticides, and dried in a clean environment, it is generally safe for consumption. Cannabis is, after all, not cultivated in a microbial free environment. The issue is when companies expand into large-scale manufacturing operations, it’s imperative to control and test for potentially harmful organisms and pesticides to ensure a quality product.  Social pressures for safe, quality, efficacious, consistent cannabis is placing a growing demand for lab tests to ensure the safety not only for medicinal marijuana, but recreational cannabis as well. In spite of this rapidly developing market, regulations specific for this segment have been lagging behind until recently when both in Canada and the US, strict guidelines have been imposed on the industry to ensure the final product does not contain significant levels of harmful substances. 

  • Cannabis: Keeping it Clean - Presented by: Beth Kroeger-Fahnestock 
  • Cannabis Plant Diseases
  • Study of the Threshold Criteria for the Installed Filter Leakage Test in Cleanrooms
  • True CFM Implementation and Results in Fan Filter Units 

Thursday, October 8, 2020

11:20 am - 1:00 pm | Contamination Control in Compounding Pharmacies and Aseptic Isolators

In the ever-changing regulatory world of compounding pharmacies, it can be hard to understand how to achieve compliance.  There are many aspects that it may be daunting to make sure your facility and practices are continually improving and beating expectations.  This session will share best practices and engineering controls that will produce quality products. 

  • Aseptic Training Plans: Challenges and Solutions for Compounding Pharmacies and 503B Facilities
  • VHP Application Overview and Best Practices - Presented by: John Klostermyer 
  • Cleaning in Sterile Compounding Environments - USP Chapter <797> and Practical Considerations
  • ISO 13408-6: Newly Revised

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