Location: Webinar

Our expert, Jim Polarine is excited to host the PDA Missouri Valley Chapter’s inaugural FREE morning webinar talk! This comprehensive webinar will discuss the leading techniques for designing a Risk Based Cleaning and Disinfection Program during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Jim will also discuss in detail, current regulations, disinfectant and sterilant technologies, operator safety and applications of these products. Each attendee will gain a robust understanding of current industry trends regarding cleaning and disinfection best practices and how to design an effective risk-based program. 

- Current regulations, guidance documents (Annex 1) related to cleaning and disinfection
- Latest technologies, application frequencies and methods for disinfectants
- Best practices in writing effective SOP’s
- Disinfectant rotation and rinsing strategies 

Who Should Attend? 

This webinar is ideal for professionals involved in the development and assessment of sterilization processes used in sterile drug manufacturing.  Roles include; cleanroom managers, lean managers, operation managers, production managers, quality assurance managers, quality control managers, quality systems managers, regulatory affairs managers and validation managers who work in quality systems, engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance operations, technical operations and validation. 

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